At BWMFitness we are:

  • Committed to Wellness

Embracing the Dimensions of Wellness: Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual.
Remembering to have fun and taking actions to create and sustain happiness.

  • Empathetic

Striving to understand the perspective of others.
Sharing the journey of our customers as a family.
Helping our clients achieve their dreams with power and confidence.

Commit to be Fit

30 mins! What are you doing for the other 23 ½ hours each day?

* Scroll down for Terms and Conditions

Membership Information

Terms & Conditions:

All classes are 30mins sessions. 

No lock in contracts. Cancel anytime with 14 days notice.

All sessions must be pre-booked online due to Covid-19.

Drop in (single) sessions available on all sessions.

Attend any of the class times.

Payment due in full prior to commencing.

Due to Covid-19, fees to be paid online.

All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All participants are required to fill out health screening & waiver forms prior to your first class. 

Members are to bring their own water bottle and towel.

Members agree to follow all Covid-19 safety procedures and protocols as listed on the Covid-Safe tab.

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"These 30 minute workouts give results, with lots of variation and fun mixed in. Focused on exercise, and great coaching...I highly recommend!! If you have a specific fitness goal, talk with them...they want to help. I did have concerns about covid risks; however, I have found the studio to be extremely conscientious about protocols and disinfecting equipment. There is also two windows to allow more fresh air and cooling when needed. I think they are doing an excellent job managing risks and keeping myself and others safe. Take part in what this fitness studio has to offer during your ski are worth it!"

- Carol 

"Amazing fitness studio. Nutrition plans, motivating coaches and great classes. Short and intense but results are amazing. 10 days in and I've lost 32.5cm and a couple of Kilos. My energy levels and mental health are great. Fun, hard work, varied and all round fantastic." 

- Debbie