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November Deal

14 Day Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge

𝑹𝒆𝒔𝒖𝒍𝒕𝒔 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒊𝒏!

I have to admit my 9 weeks away in Oz was a little indulgent so I tested my brand my 14 Day Metabolic Jumpstart challenge out myself.

14 Days = 7+ lbs down

I even went out to dinner twice!

What would it mean to you to drop 7-10lbs?

For me, I have more energy, comfort with my clothes not so tight and a spring in my step

Now I’m on a roll. I still have a little to go to get back pre-holiday weight but it’s easy to continue using same formula that has successfully dropped over 7lbs in just 14 days.

One Week Later!

I’m singing 

My ski pants are going to fit me!!!

After the first 14 days, it was so easy to do that I continued ... AND I still drank wine and went out for dinner!

I’m now over 10lbs down and have passed my pre-holiday weight.

If you’re ready to take on a new challenge to a leaner, more energetic YOU, this month I'm offering my 14-Day Online Metabolic Jumpstart Challenge in BETA mode at an insanely low introductory price.

You know ... this price won't stay!

I’ll help you jumpstart your METABOLISM without the added stress of trying to “balance” it all.


"These 30 minute workouts give results, with lots of variation and fun mixed in. Focused on exercise, and great coaching...I highly recommend!! If you have a specific fitness goal, talk with them...they want to help. Take part in what this fitness studio has to offer during your ski holiday or are worth it!"

- Carol 

Green Sportswear

"Had a great first day out on the slopes! Thanks Michelle and Big White Mountain Fitness for getting me into shape for the ski season. My legs didn't hurt or get tired!

I now realize the importance of the rock push ups, I used them a few times today! 

To top it all off - I reached my goal to fit into my snow pants and be comfortable in them!"

- Gina

"Amazing fitness coaching. Nutrition plans, motivating coaches and great classes. Short and intense but results are amazing. 10 days in and I've lost 32.5cm and a couple of Kilos. My energy levels and mental health are great. Fun, hard work, varied and all round fantastic." 

- Debbie 

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